Monday, May 9, 2011

The Wows and Hows of Google

Tomorrow starts a two day paradise for developers - Google IO 2011. Wish could be there myself, but as far as I heard the tickets were sold out in about an hour or so - and it's not like a got a few hundred dollars or euros spare to over there ... Well, time to stop dreaming - what have the Googlers prepared for us this years? Well, a lot of stuff - Android, Chrome, HTML5, GWT and of course my all time favorite WebGL. Here are some links to the sessions descriptions:

So what can we expect? To be honest, I guess we're going to see a lot of eye candies, a few super big and super small numbers and a guest appearance by Bing!... maybe. It's probably going to be more interesting the Khronos's WebGL specs, and I hold thumbs that their going to show us average people some nice hacks, but a glossary about WebGL performance enhancements I think we won't see.

Nevertheless, I think the presentations will be worth watching - some of the presenters do know how to make a good show after all. Well, stay tuned, in a few days we will know more.

Lesson #1 in this years Google IO

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